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Wellness Coaching Program: Mindset, Physical Activity, Relationships, Purpose.

Holistic Wellness Coaching 

Want to make a 180 and live to the fullest?

Relationship Coaching, finding peace, confidence and your soul mate...

Relationship Coaching 

Committed to having a better relationship?

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Martin - Certified Life Coach, helping people reach their goals!

Martin Raj

Wellness Coach

I’m Martin Raj born and raised in the beautiful land of India. I am a certified Life Coach focused on physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Debbie- Certified Health Coach, helping people reach their goals!

Debbie Paul

Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Debbie and I’m just another normal girl with my diplomatic side, crazy goofy moments, high days ready to conquer the world and low days....

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Health Coaching Testimonies

I have had such a positive experience with Martin as a health coach.  If you are looking for Christ centered Health and Life Coach, you’re in the right place.  He is personable, knowledgeable in what to do to reach your goals whatever they might be; weight loss, glucose management, stress management and back pain, etc   Always available if you have questions or needs It has been a positive Life changing experience.