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Relationship Coaching

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FREE initial 30-minute Coaching

$65.00 One 60-minute Coaching 

$300.00 ($600.00) | 6 sessions pkg.

Enhance your relationship with a smart investment and enjoy a 50% OFF on pkg. ($50/session)

We believe that healthy relationships are possible! That Happily Ever After is not a myth, but a reality that with God's help and active commitment and work, it can be achieved. We believe in promoting God's design for relationships, and are passionate about helping others find peace, fulfillment and joy during singleness, as the journey of love starts there, to be ready to be the best possible partner and friend!


Relationship coaching is a collaborative process that empowers individuals and couples to create positive changes in their relationships. It can be valuable for those seeking to strengthen an already healthy relationship or for those facing challenges and seeking guidance to navigate them effectively. The goal is to help clients develop healthier, more fulfilling connections with a future partner, while dating, with their spouses, and family members.

Relationship Coaching Package (6 sessions) Includes:

• 6 x 60-minute sessions

• Tailored topics to client's needs 

• Preventative relationship maintenance

• Goals review and adjustment

• Having an accountability partner (Coach)

• Extra resources for a strong foundation (books, links, handouts, videos, etc.)

• Biblical principles on God's design for healthy happy relationships

• Practical tools and homework to implement new habits and mindset, in a way that is simple and easy to follow

• Email or text support in between sessions

Session topics may include some of the following:

​• Finding meaning and our worth: Identity, Values and Purpose

• Healing from past trauma, breakups, and wounds

• Knowing who you are and not fearing what others think, not coming from a point of fear, but from authenticity, freedom, love, and truth. Stop the cycle of begging for crumbs.

• Working on who you want to be and knowing who you want to attract without the fear or rejection, loosing or having to control and manipulate​

• Authenticity: Letting go of people-pleasing, fear and anxiety and being free to be ourselves and have confidence

• Boundary setting

• Communication skills development

• Conflict resolution strategies

• Tools to building trust and intimacy

• How to date for marriage and build commitment: Coming from a point of abundance and fulfillment to attract another committed and fulfilled person​​​​

Sessions are tailored to each individual, so some topics mentioned may not be covered during sessions or new ones might be added. Client can choose topics of interest and it can be adjusted as needed.

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