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Holistic Wellness Coaching


FREE initial 30-minute Coaching

$99.00 One 60-minute Coaching 

$450.00 ($900.00) | 6 sessions pkg.

Enhance your well-being with a smart investment and enjoy a 50% OFF on pkg. ($75/session)


Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, more energy, and excitement every day! As a holistic wellness coach, we aim to empower clients to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives, fostering a sense of well-being that goes beyond just physical health. We are nourished in life with primary foods: relationships, purpose, physical activity and spirituality. Our secondary foods include what we eat to gain energy and strength.


We are here to help you embark on a new journey to better yourself and create a supportive environment while exploring what works for you.


Coaching Package (6 sessions) Includes:

  • 6 x 60-minute sessions.

  • Initial Goal and Personalized Vision Plan.

  • Wellness eBook with challenges and daily progress tracker.

  • Plant-based Recipes.

  • Personalized Health Plan, with recommendation of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes based on your goals.

  • Coaching including life-transforming habits and how to implement them in a way that is fun, easy and sustainable for your schedule and needs. 

  • Empowering Mindset techniques to overcome obstacles and build healthy habits and sustain lifestyle changes. 

  • Email or text support between sessions.

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