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I’m Martin Raj, born and raised in the beautiful land of India. I am a certified Life Coach focused on physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Exploring places, painting and spending time with family is the way I destress.

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My Story

My health journey started in 2012 while living in Shimba Hills of Kenya. Pit toilets, no electricity, scarcity of potable water are a few of the many experiences that has made me stronger to see life in a different perspective. After returning to India and working with the tribal people, my passion for helping others to have a healthier life drastically increased. In 2017, I earned my Bachelor’s in Health Ministries degree. I worked as a Health Educator for 3 years in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont training people in preparing healthful cooking, natural remedies, and healthy mindset. I coached people to get better perspective of life and live to the fullest in a healthy and happy way. In 2020, I became a certified Life Coach. I am on my journey of losing more weight and being fit physically. When I come across people to help with losing weight, I have a better understanding and can empathize with them. I can feel the pain and the torture they go through. It is rough! But hey, I’ve overcome it and I can help you to overcome as well. Since the pandemic, I have also developed the passion for helping people with mental stress, depression, and anxiety. For these, I also share practical tips and inspirations in social media. I am quick witted, fun loving and always smiling.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help people. Let's connect.


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